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What’s Special about a CGS Approved Contractor?

our_contractorsIf gambling with your house is not your thing and you prefer competence over cowboys, then choose a CGS Approved Contractor. CGS Approved Contractors offer Insurance Backed Guarantees from Guarantee Protection Insurance Limited; a UK based insurer which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, thereby providing the gold standard in consumer protection in terms of the strength of cover and extent of redress and recourse provided.

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Insured Guarantees Explanatory Leaflet

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What does an insurance backed guarantee do?

No contractor, no matter how reputable can give assurances that they will always be around to honour the terms of their own written guarantee. An Insurance backed guarantee is a low-cost insurance product which is designed to protect property owners against defects which would normally be covered by the contractor’s own written guarantee.

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